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Lightpro 12V “Connect and go” low consumption
Professional outdoor lighting

Lightpro outdoor low voltage lighting is a professional lighting solution for anyone who wants to light and embellish a garden, garden area or any other outdoor space. The award-winning Lightpro system has many advantages compared to other 12 V garden lighting systems and has been specially designed to be used by DIY gardeners, garden designers and landscapers without needing the help of an electrician.

All components are of high quality, replaceable and have an elegant design. Low voltage lights are safe and easy to install. All components come with a 5-year warranty. Then why would you use another lighting system?



For your family and pets



You can easily do it yourself



5 years warranty



New lamps and award-winning connector

You don’t just have to trust that Lightpro is the best and most innovative solution for garden lighting.
Lightpro won the Innovation Award at GaLaBau Awards 2016

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Professional Outdoor Lighting System Lightpro

Lightpro professional outdoor lighting system is extremely easy to install. The whole system works with only 12 V, making it a sure plug and play garden lighting system that also lends itself to larger landscaping projects.

Award-Winning Connector

Lightpro is a safe and professional 12 volt lighting concept. Our 12 V exterior lighting is easy and fast to install. At no time is there any need to connect the lights to the cable with the female connector. Our award-winning female connector consists of a whole. Because of this, it is impossible to lose any parts during installation.
Wonder how easy it is to install Lightpro?

connector LightPro