Ways of receiving the products

  • Collection
  • Delivery


The collection is free and available the day after the pay-per-view. Pick up address: to consult by tel 650555079 or info@luzjardin.com


The shipping cost is 10 euros without IVA.
Delivery takes place within 2 days to 3 days if the goods are in stock. And up to 4 weeks if the item is in personalized condition.

Parcel delivery: delivery of your order will be made by a carrier specialized in express delivery. A dealer is present in your home after your merchandise is shipped. Packages will be left at your home or where you have given an indication. Prices do not include installation.

Delivery by carrier: delivery of your order will be made by a carrier specialized in the delivery of furniture. Your furniture will be delivered wrapped, in boxes or pallets to ensure maximum protection. Our delivery service will contact you to set a delivery date. Please note: before placing the order, you must check, especially in terms of size and volume, that your products can be transported through the access routes to the place of delivery. We will deliver the goods to you by appointment within 2 days to 4 weeks from the confirmation of the order, to the date agreed with the carriers (unless otherwise indicated at the time of the order, for example, if the product is in a state of supply). Our delivery service will contact you by phone to make an appointment.

After acceptance of the quotation by the buyer and Lightpro mark, the buyer must mention the obstacles to delivery by the normal access routes (stairs, lift, doors at the landing stage) in the order and remind the carrier of the order. The buyer must first verify the order, in particular in relation to the specifications of the products in terms of size and volume, that they can be transported by the means of access to the place of delivery.

The inability to deliver the Goods on the date agreed by the carriers, due to the absence of the buyer or of information about the need to resort to specific means of delivery, may give rise to the payment of additional delivery charges and/or cancellation of the order by part of the brand Lightpro. The risks of the product are transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery or on the date of the first presentation of the products by the carriers at the date of delivery agreed with the latter.

In cases where the respective dates of availability of the products of an order are different, the Lightpro brand will propose to the buyer to split its order. In the case of split delivery, the share of the delivery costs referred to in point 3.2. apply in each of the fractions of the order. In the absence of a split delivery, the delivery will take place on the date of availability of all the ordered products.