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Castor Smart 12V (Zigbee)

110.87  VAT Included

Juno Tubo

71.11  VAT Included

Lightpro Tiga DL 209S

75.23  VAT Included


71.35  VAT Included

Xible 12V

72.50  VAT Included

Lightpro 12V JUNO 2 1.5W IP65 Outdoor / Garden Light

79.18  VAT Included

Lightpro 12V JUNO 4 4W IP65 Outdoor / Garden Light

79.18  VAT Included

Castor 3 IP44 3W

96.46  VAT Included

Castor 4 IP44 3.5 W DIMMABLE

110.87  VAT Included

Castor 8 IP44 8W REGULABLE

118.98  VAT Included

Castor 9 IP44 9W REGULABLE

127.24  VAT Included

Lightpro Nilus 4W IP68 Outdoor / Garden Light

120.84  VAT Included

Lightpro Avior 3 IP44 16W REGULABLE

127.33  VAT Included

Lightpro 12V Dolomite 3W LED IP68 Outdoor / Garden Spotlight

61.03  VAT Included

Lightpro outdoor spotlights are perfect for lighting foliage, trees and items of interest in gardens as well as more commercial settings. The 12v Lightpro system is plug and play. Simply connect your Lightpro cable to your Lightpro transformer and connect your Lightpro spotlights to the cable using Lightpro’s award winning screw connector.

Lightpro’s spotlights are supplied with a spotlight spike for borders and mounting plates for concrete. fence posts, garden walls and decking areas. The contemporary design would suit the most modern of gardens and roof terraces. In fact any outdoor space you need to illuminate.